Types of Styling Chairs Every Salon Should Have

Types of Styling Chairs Every Salon Should Have

Salons and barbershops provide several services requiring specific chairs to get the job done effectively. Each of these salon styling chairs has its own unique purpose and function. So here are a few types of styling chairs every salon should have.

All-Purpose Chairs

The first type of styling chair that every salon should have is an all-purpose chair. These salon chairs are the perfect option for any business that offers multiple services. Professionals designed all-purpose chairs to accommodate any salon service or client, so every salon needs to have these essential chairs.

Hydraulic Salon Chair

Hydraulic salon chairs are the second type of styling chair that every salon needs. This type of chair has a hydraulic pump that allows the stylist to lift and lower the client to the appropriate height with ease. These chairs are one of the most commonly used types in salon settings for cutting, shaving, and styling.

Barber Chair

The third kind of chair that you should have in your salon is a barber chair. Barber chairs are unique because they have reclining capabilities that allow barbers to easily access clients from any angle while providing shaving and facial services. If you frequently have male clients, this chair is a fantastic investment for your salon.

Shampoo Chair

Shampoo chairs are the fourth essential type of styling chair to have in every salon. Stylists use this type of chair specifically for shampooing services. Often, shampoo chairs are built into a shampooing station, which is convenient and efficient. In addition, these chairs recline so that a client’s head and hair can rest in the shampoo bowl, making the washing process simpler for the stylist.

Now that you know a few kinds of salon styling chairs you should have, you can begin your search for the perfect chairs for your salon. Check out Salon Equipment Center’s stunning selection of hair styling chairs for sale to elevate your business today.