Unique Add-on Services for Your Salon

Unique Add-on Services for Your Salon

There are countless ways to improve your salon’s marketing technique, ranging from utilizing social media to various promotional tips. However, one of the fastest ways of intriguing customers is to discover unique add-on services for your salon. Add-on services reach a wide range of clients by offering something new; moreover, it shows off your employees’ many skills!

Hair Crème Baths

While there’s a wide range of beauty care to choose from, hair crème baths are especially beneficial to your salon. Popular in Asia, this hair treatment helps prevent hair loss and correct both dandruff and dry hair.

Begin by applying an oil treatment to the hair—typically macadamia oil—paired with an essential oil. The essential oil you use depends on what hair-related problem exists, so look into these various scalp and hair conditions before deciding which oil to use.

Once you spread the oil, apply a conditioning cream to the hair; some use a mixture of coconut milk, egg, avocado, aloe vera, and mayonnaise for a natural treatment. After massaging this into the scalp and ensuring the hair remains coated, cover your client’s hair and leave the treatment on for 20 minutes. Once the timer goes off, bring them to the shampoo unit and wash it out.


Everyone loves a good massage, and your clients are no exception! After providing a manicure or pedicure, give your clients a hand or foot massage to ease their muscles and put a finishing touch on the incredible service they received.

Consider purchasing massage oils and moisturizers or making your own out of natural material; both are sure to wow customers! Moreover, as you massage your clients’ hands or feet, ensure you do so properly and target specific pressure points.

Receiving a massage after service is a lovely surprise; remember to offer this to clients first as some people may not like massages. Adding this to the manicure and pedicure process also makes clients happier with their purchase as they feel they’re getting more for their money.

As you evaluate the many unique add-on services for your salon, consider all your options ranging from hair care to massage. While you can offer hair crème baths to clients, you could also add straightening or keratin treatment to your list of skills.

Lastly, make sure clients are comfortable in your shop; no one’s going to look for extra service in a salon that’s uncomfortable. Shop at Salon Equipment Center for equipment that’ll have your clients feeling comfortable as they receive your incredible service!