Ways To Increase Customer Satisfaction at Your Salon

Ways To Increase Customer Satisfaction at Your Salon

A salon business that churns out unsatisfactory work for customers will not remain in business very long. Running an effective salon hinges on the satisfaction of customers with your quality work and artistic talent. By impressing current customers, you will raise your salon’s status which will help you retain regulars and attract new customers. These helpful ways to increase customer satisfaction at your salon will keep business buzzing and the good reviews pouring in.

Keep Your Stations Clean

Customers should never have to see how dirty a salon can get after several services. Keep your cleaning behind closed doors to avoid putting off your patrons. Cleaning and sanitizing your equipment is more crucial than ever due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A customer that doesn’t feel safe during their salon service won’t be satisfied when they leave. Lowering their anxieties of illness and allowing them to relax as you take care of their hair, feet, or nails will provide you with more success.

Provide Entertainment

Some salon services take long amounts of time to complete and will require clients to sit still for the entire time. Give clients something to keep their minds busy during their treatment—television, magazines, conversation, or accessible wi-fi are common solutions. If patrons must wait a while for their turn to come, provide the same amount of entertainment in the waiting room. Consider providing them with coffee, tea, or snacks while they wait.

Make Them Feel Special

Customers love to feel like they’re a special part of your day. Whether it’s true or not, you need to give them that warm, fuzzy feeling before, during, and after their session. Once you finish with their service, take pictures or flood them with compliments to boost their self-esteem. If they allow it, you may even have new pictures to put on your website or portfolio.

Prioritize Customer Comfort

In addition to relaxing a customer’s mind, it’s important for you to make sure that all furniture and treatments are comfortable for all customers. Ensure that the chairs they sit in provide them with full-body comfort. When you take the customer to your shampoo unit, do your best to make sure their head is not awkwardly sitting on the rim of the sink. Little adjustments, like making sure you aren’t yanking or pulling hair while washing it, will mean the world to your customer satisfaction rating.

Many of the ways to increase customer satisfaction at your salon are detail oriented—your skill as a stylist or salon technician should already be near-perfect; all that’s left are the customer service details. At Salon Equipment Center, we specialize in providing your customers with comfortable furniture while you focus on their treatment. Browse our wide selection of high-quality, comfortable, and functional furniture, all at reasonable prices.