Ways To Sanitize Your Salon Shampoo Bowls

Ways To Sanitize Your Salon Shampoo Bowls

Backwash units are an essential piece of equipment in any professional salon space. After all, keeping your salon’s shampoo bowls clean and in good condition is necessary for upholding your business’s reputation and the well-being of your clients. Here are some ways to sanitize your salon shampoo bowls.

Utilize Household Cleaners Throughout the Day

A simple household cleaner should do the trick for shampoo bowl cleanings between client appointments. However, you don’t want to leave your shampoo bowls smelling of chemicals, as that can be unpleasant to clients. Use of a floral or citrus-scented cleaner to improve your clients’ experience.

Perform Deep Cleanings at Least Once a Week

While household cleaners work well between appointments, you still want to do a deep cleaning once at least once per week to ensure your shampoo bowls are as clean as possible. Pouring baking soda and distilled vinegar down the drain and following them with boiling water is a great deep cleaning method and helps remove any hairs that may be in the drain.

Avoid the Use of Abrasive and Harsh Cleaners

When sanitizing your shampoo bowls, it’s important you avoid using abrasive and harsh cleaners. You don’t want to use scrubbers and cleaners that will scratch or damage your bowls. Items such as steel wool will likely cause scrapes and scratches, so opt for cleaning tools that are more gentle on your shampoo bowls, such as cellulose sponges. Harsh chemicals can also harm your bowls, so be careful when selecting an appropriate cleaner.

Install a Hair Stopper or Mesh Screen

You’ll be washing several clients’ hair in your backwash units, which means many strands of hair can get caught in the drain. It’s a good idea to install a hair stopper or mesh screen over the drain to catch hairs, prevent clogs, and keep your shampoo bowls sanitary. Then, you can easily remove the hair after each client appointment.

Now that you know how to properly clean your salon shampoo bowls, you can utilize these methods in your business. Salon Equipment Center has a high-quality selection of salon backwash units with an impressive five-year warranty and financing options to make your salon business as successful as possible.