What Can You Do To Make Your Salon More ADA-Compliant?

What Can You Do To Make Your Salon More ADA-Compliant?

As a salon owner, you want to ensure your business is as accessible and welcoming as possible for all your clientele. There are some important steps you can take to create an inclusive space and ensure that your salon complies with the American Disabilities Act (ADA). We’ll guide you through what you can do to make your salon more ADA-compliant.

Understand the ADA Requirements

In order to make your salon accessible to all customers, it’s essential to understand and comply with the ADA regulations. By familiarizing yourself with the necessary standards, you can ensure that your salon complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Not only is it the legal obligation of business owners to meet these requirements, but it’s also crucial for creating an inclusive environment for all clients. Once you’ve fully grasped the guidelines, you can take the necessary steps to make your salon accessible to everyone, improving the overall experience.

Improve Accessibility

Improving accessibility helps make your salon ADA-compliant and creates a welcoming atmosphere for everyone. There are several ways to make your space more accessible. For example, installing ramps or elevators for wheelchair access, providing adequate lighting and clearly marked signage, offering handicapped parking, and ensuring all doorways are wide enough for wheelchairs. Small changes like these can significantly impact the daily experiences of those with disabilities and show that you value their business and comfort in your salon.

Install Handicap-Accessible Bathrooms

When it comes to public restrooms, accessibility should be a top priority. All bathroom doors should be at least 32 inches wide to allow easy access for wheelchairs. Offering wider stalls also ensures that those with mobility issues can move comfortably and safely. Additionally, it’s important to remember that installing rails in the stalls is a must. Not only do they improve clients’ safety and accessibility, but they also provide an added sense of security and independence for those with disabilities.

Provide Adequate Seating

Providing adequate seating is another key way to make your salon ADA-compliant. Not only does it create a more comfortable environment for all your clients, but it’s also vital to ensure that your salon is accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities. Therefore, you should have comfortable chairs available for customers needing assistance standing or sitting. Ensure that your reception area seating and styling chairs are suitable for all clients. By prioritizing client comfort and accessibility, you can create an enjoyable salon experience for everyone.

Now that you know how to make your salon more ADA-compliant, you can use these methods in your business today. Check out Salon Equipment Center’s wide selection of hair styling chairs designed to suit all clients’ needs, making them a great choice for ADA compliance. We offer 5-year warranties on all our products and ClickLease financing options that work for you.