What Is Your Reception Area Saying About Your Salon Brand?

What Is Your Reception Area Saying About Your Salon Brand?

While marketing your salon brand attracts clientele, the reception area sets the tone for your business and tells clients what to expect. The waiting area is the first point of contact clients have with your business, so it should match the aesthetic of your location. If you want to provide a great experience for your customers, ask yourself, what is your reception area saying about your salon brand?

In this article, we’ll review essential elements you can use to clearly demonstrate your business’s mission.


Having Wi-Fi isn’t the only way to keep your establishment updated. Remove bulky desktop computers from the reception desk to open the space for other reception essentials. Use tablets instead of large desktop computers. It’ll remove a barrier between your staff and clients, resulting in personable interactions.


Having some entertainment will help the time that people wait fly by. Get a television and have a coffee table spread with magazines and books. Providing clients with entertainment lets them know you want them to have a comfortable experience while they wait.


Outdated, uncomfortable furniture won’t contribute to a good client experience. Keep in mind that clients often wait in the reception area for many reasons other than an appointment. Get comfortable furniture so clients can relax.


Friendly, approachable staff and receptionists are the heart of the salon business. If your team is unaccommodating and rude, clients will feel put off and not want to stay for their appointment.

Your reception staff should be informative, friendly, and have excellent communication skills at all times.


The key to upselling the client experience is to have your best-selling products on hand, especially since guests might require additional information about a specific item during their appointment. Receptionists should use their best communication and sales skills to provide tips, tricks, and add-ons for a client.

So, what is your reception area saying about your salon brand? With these tips, your waiting space will be inviting, innovative, and friendly.

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