What To Know About Leather vs. Vinyl Salon Furniture

What To Know About Leather vs. Vinyl Salon Furniture

When designing your salon, you will want to choose high-quality furniture for your space. Therefore, thinking about the material of your furniture is essential. Leather and vinyl are two of the most popular types of materials for salon chairs and reception area furniture. Here’s what to know about leather vs. vinyl salon furniture.

Leather Salon Furniture

Leather is a stunning material that makes for beautiful pieces of furniture. However, when it comes to salon furniture, leather can be a pricey and high-maintenance option. Leather must be cleaned using specialized products and occasionally needs conditioning to maintain its suppleness. Leather is also prone to scratches, scrapes, cracks, and wear and tear. This material also does not always do well with exposure to water and sunlight. If you are interested in using leather furniture in your salon, you will need to follow specific instructions for maintenance and care.

Vinyl Salon Furniture

Vinyl is another material option for your salon furniture. Vinyl is significantly cheaper than most leather materials and is relatively easy to clean. For example, you can use any non-abrasive product to clean your vinyl furniture, including a wet cloth or rag. Unlike leather, vinyl does not require conditioning to maintain, and you do not necessarily need specialized products to clean or care for it. Vinyl is also more resistant to scrapes, scratches, and cracking than leather. Even in direct sunlight, vinyl is less likely to crack and experience signs of wear and tear. These factors make vinyl an affordable and low-maintenance material for your salon furniture.

Choosing Between the Two

Now that you’ve read the pros and cons of both materials, you can determine which choice is best for your salon. If you prefer the look and feel of leather, you can certainly make it work, but it will be the more high-maintenance option for furniture in a salon space. On the other hand, vinyl is more affordable, easier to clean, less susceptible to wear and tear, and lower maintenance. Overall, vinyl is the more suitable option in a salon environment, especially with numerous clients sitting on the furniture and employees cleaning it regularly. However, the decision is up to you and what you are looking for in your material.

Now that you know the difference between leather and vinyl salon furniture, you can make the best choice for your business space. Salon Equipment Center has a wide selection of affordable barber chairs that will make an amazing addition to your salon.