What Your Manicure Style Says About Your Personality

What Your Manicure Style Says About Your Personality

A just like any other style choice, a manicure is a reflection of your personality. That means you can glean a lot about a person from the manicure style they choose for themselves. Here’s what your manicure style says about your personality.

The French Manicure

The french manicure is one of the most elegant styles out there. Someone with a french manicure is a minimalist who carries themselves with grace and dignity. They’ll be some of the most put-together people you ever meet and are likely to keep everything orderly.

The Bright Red Manicure

Just like the color red, people who choose a bright manicure have the confidence to do what they want the second they commit to it. They hold their ground and speak their mind no matter what. They’re not afraid to challenge the ones who try to hold them back. This is what your red manicure style says about your personality.

The Elegant Pink Manicure

Pink is often seen as a color of femininity, but that isn’t the only defining characteristic of people with this manicure. These people often value their style and appearance. They’re generally kind but unwilling to let others trample on them. The pink manicure style is about kindness toward others and the strength to protect yourself.

The Dark Black Manicure

Many people believe that black nails mean you’re tough and mean, but they just mean you’re guarded at first. Once you warm up and trust someone, you’re loyal and dependable in every situation. Also, people with black manicures generally don’t like participating in drama and would much rather move on.

The Neon Manicure

Just like the bright color scheme of neon nails, the personalities of people with these manicures are bright. These people are social animals, finding fun and enjoyment in a group. These people make some of the best friends for giving advice and the truth, as they won’t lead you astray.

The Plain Manicure

Pragmatism at its finest, a plain or transparent manicure suits people who aren’t here to mess around. Although they’re serious people, they’re great friends to be comfortable around. You’ll always have a fun time with anyone with this nail style so long as you respect them for who they are.

This is what we mean by your manicure representing who you are. You can tell a lot about a person from the style of manicure they put on their hands. There are as many personalities as there are styles of manicures, so think about what style you want to represent you during your next visit to the salon manicure table.