Which Colors To Choose for Your Beauty Salon

Which Colors To Choose for Your Beauty Salon

When designing your beauty salon’s interior, there are many different elements to consider. One of the most important things to think about is your color palette. Colors help your salon stand out and help clients recognize your brand identity. Here are some tips to help you decide which colors to choose for your beauty salon.

Determine Your Design Style

The first thing you will want to do when choosing colors for your beauty salon is to determine your design style. You want a general idea of the theme or design aesthetic you are trying to achieve within your space. For example, you may prefer a modern, minimalistic design, a feminine high-fashion design, or a tranquil, bohemian design. Make sure that you pinpoint your overall design vision because this style will inform the colors you use within your salon. Modern salons with minimalistic designs will likely have a monochromatic, neutral color story, while a bohemian design will have a color scheme that is rich and earthy.

Play With Color Palettes

Playing with color palettes is another tip for choosing the perfect colors for your beauty salon. If you’re struggling to decide which colors you want to use, you can try out some sample color palettes. You can spend some time browsing sample swatches in your local paint store and seeing which colors catch your eye and look good together. It’s also helpful to test the paint on one wall before painting your whole salon. That way, you are able to see how a color will look within your space once it dries, as some colors will look a bit different than their label. Spend a few days with your test swatch and see how it affects the aesthetic of your salon.

Pick Colors That Match Your Brand

Another helpful idea for picking your salon colors is to pick colors that match your brand. You want all the colors within your space to feel cohesive, from the paint to the floors, chairs, and business cards you hand out to potential clients. Everything should match your salon’s brand identity so that clients can easily recognize your business whenever and wherever they see it, including on social media. Even your Instagram grid should be cohesive and blend in with your brand’s overall color story. You want to avoid choosing too many colors, as that can become distracting. Instead, choose two to four main colors that will represent your salon.

Now that you know several tips for choosing colors for your beauty salon, you can get started with the process today. Stay true to your brand identity throughout the process, and you will be more likely to come out with a lovely salon design that clients will recognize and love in the long run. Salon Equipment Center has an extensive selection of all-purpose salon chairs that will fit in with your color palette and be a cohesive addition to your salon space.