Which Professional Services Your Salon Should Offer

Which Professional Services Your Salon Should Offer

When you’re starting a salon business, there are many important decisions you will need to make. For example, you’ll need to design and decorate your space, get the necessary permits, documents, and licenses, hire employees, and so much more. One of the major aspects of running a salon is determining what services you will offer to clients. You can decide if you want a hair salon, nail salon, or a hybrid that provides multiple services. Here’s a comprehensive guide on which professional services your salon should offer.

Consider What Kind of Salon You Want To Run

The first step in deciding which services to offer is to consider what kind of salon you want to run. If you are solely interested in cutting and styling hair, those are the services you should focus on for your business. However, if you are not interested in hair styling, but want to run a nail salon, then it’s best to offer manicures and pedicures. However, there are no limits to the number of services you can offer and provide to your clients within the same space. So, if you want a one-stop shop, you can offer multiple services in your salon. The choices are endless, and they are all up to you. Brainstorm some ideas and think about what kind of clients you want to bring in and what services they would most benefit from you offering.

Hire Employees With the Necessary Skills

The next step is to hire employees with the necessary skills. No matter what type of services you choose to offer in your salon, you will need the right employees to do the job. For example, if you are running a high-end hair salon, employ licensed hair stylists with a high level of experience in the industry. Then, if you wish to offer nail services, hire talented nail artists who can perform manicures and pedicures for clients with care, efficiency, and style. If you choose to provide additional services like waxing, eyebrow threading, makeup application, etc., you will also need to hire a specialist in these areas who can take care of your clients and their needs.

Different Services You Can Offer to Clientele

It’s essential to know and understand the different services you can provide in your salon business to select the ones that are important to you and your clients. Ultimately you can offer any of these options in your salon to generate business and increase your clientele. However, it may be beneficial to start by focusing on around three primary services, so you can see what will be successful, and then start adding in others when you find out the specific needs of your returning clients.

Hair Services

Hair services are one most popular and well-known offerings in salons worldwide. The services you can provide at your salon include haircuts, hair styling, hair washing, blowouts, hair coloring, braiding, weaves, wig installation, perms, and chemical treatments. Understanding your specific client demographic and their needs will help you determine which hair services are a priority for your business. If you run a barbershop, you may want to tailor these services for the needs of men. For example, you may wish to include shaving, beard care, and other facial hair services in your barbershop offerings.


Manicures are an example of nail services that your salon can provide. If you run a nail salon or wish to start offering these services, you will want to supply your specialists with the necessary tools and equipment. For example, you will need salon manicure tables, lights, various polishes, artificial nails, files, clippers, LED drying lamps, etc.


Another nail service you can offer is pedicures. Many clients enjoy the luxury of coming into a salon to have their toenails clipped, filed, and painted by a nail tech. If you choose to include this service in your salon, you will need pedicure stations, chairs, foot baths, nail polishes, pumice stones, and a few skilled pedicurists to take care of clients when they ask for these services.


Providing cosmetic services is also great, especially if you want a salon that does it all. You can hire talented makeup artists to work in your salon and provide clients with makeovers. This service is a particularly excellent option if you have a lot of bridal party clients, as they will often want to come to one place for their hair and makeup application.


Waxing is another beneficial service to offer to your salon clients. If you run a hair salon and want to take care of all your clients’ hair-related needs, consider adding waxing to your list of services. Suppose you wish to provide waxes in your salon. In that case, you should hire a certified esthetician who is knowledgeable in this area and has experience performing various types of waxing on clients.

Eyebrow Care

Another profitable service that will bring in new salon clients is eyebrow care. There are all kinds of treatments and services that cater to the eyebrows. For example, eyebrow threading, microblading, eyebrow tinting, and even general eyebrow maintenance are all potential options that you can offer. You will need to employ trained professionals with eyebrow care experience.

Spa Services

You can even offer spa services if you want to go above and beyond for your salon clients. Offerings like facials, skin treatments, and deep-tissue massages are fantastic spa services to offer in your salon business. Clients love to come to your salon to relax and unwind, and there are few better methods of relaxation than a nice massage. Hire a certified masseuse for your business so clients can receive these services.

Now that you have a better idea of what kind of services to offer in your salon, you can determine which options are best for your business. Salon Equipment Center’s extensive selection of high-quality salon equipment will enable you to offer a wide range of services in your business today.

Which Professional Services Your Salon Should Offer