Why Good Lighting Is Essential for Your Salon

Why Good Lighting Is Essential for Your Salon

There are many different factors to consider when designing a salon space. But one important aspect that people often overlook is lighting. You want your light fixtures to be beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, but you also need them to be functional. Here are a few reasons why good lighting is essential for your salon.


First and foremost, good lighting improves visibility. You can’t see well enough to do your job without the appropriate amount of light. Hairstylists spend their workday cutting and styling clients’ hair, and poor lighting could result in an accidental injury to a client or a bad haircut. Good overhead lighting is necessary for salons so stylists can provide the best possible services to clients. You also want your styling stations to be well-lit so clients can see in the mirror. It’s important that clients feel like they are a part of the styling experience and can clearly see their hair so they can let their stylist know what they want during an appointment.


Safety is another primary concern when it comes to salon lighting. Not only do hairstylists need clear visibility while they handle scissors, razors, and other sharp styling tools, but people also need to be able to see as they walk around the space. You want your reception area, styling stations, and other work areas to be lit well to avoid potential risks and hazards. The last thing you want is for a client to slip or fall because they couldn’t see where they were going. Therefore, you should ensure that your salon has bright lighting so people stay safe.


Visibility and safety are important, but there’s another reason that salons need good lighting that people often forget. Good lighting isn’t just about brightness. It’s also about the hue. For example, if your salon’s lights are too yellow, it will affect a stylist’s visual perception as they color a client’s hair. Lighting plays a major role in how we perceive color. If your lighting does not have proper color calibration, it will be challenging for hairstylists to be precise when dealing with hair dyes and coloring techniques. You don’t want your client’s hair to look one way in the salon and then look totally different when they look in the mirror at home.

Now that you know why proper lighting is essential in a salon, you can take the right steps to light your salon appropriately. And if you’re looking for discount salon equipment, check out Salon Equipment Center’s amazing selection to stock your business with all the necessities.