Why You Should Replace Your Salon Furniture

Why You Should Replace Your Salon Furniture

The furniture in your salon isn’t fragile, by any means, but it is still susceptible to typical wear and tear or damage. Your salon sees plenty of different people throughout a business day, and dirty, damaged, or aged furniture may negatively affect their opinion of you and your business. To prevent customer dissatisfaction, you must know when and why you should replace your salon furniture to keep your customers safe and your business looking professional.

Worn Out and Way Past Its Warranty

When your salon starts to get old, so will your furniture. If your salon furniture is showing the signs of aging, it loses the sleek attractiveness that most customers desire when they enter your shop. Some furniture, like salon chairs with seats made of cloth or leather, are simple to reupholster instead of replacing them. For salon chairs, check first if the hydraulic pump is still functional. If it is perfect, then you can probably keep the rest of the chair! If the pump is broken or there is frame damage to the chair that you can’t fix, it might be time to replace the chair.

Other signs of age that you should look out for are porcelain chips in your washbasins, damage or staining to your counters, sticky drawers, or unrepairable electrical issues that come with years of use.


Sometimes, unfortunate things happen that can damage or destroy your salon furniture. When your furniture has been the victim of an accident, you must replace it for the safety of you and your salon patrons. Damage can also occur when a piece of furniture is cheaply made, especially with flimsy hydraulic pumps. Our salon and barber chairs utilize superior Japanese-engineered hydraulic pumps, which last longer than anything else in the industry.

Often, a furniture manufacturer’s warranty will cover these types of accidents. While most salon furniture sellers offer only one- to three-year warranties, we at Salon Equipment Center boast three- to five-year warranties on our high-quality salon furniture. If any damage occurs, we’ll have you covered.

Your Furniture No Longer Matches Your Theme

Even if you maintain your salon furniture properly for years after you open your business, sometimes it stops reflecting your personality or that of your salon. Maybe your salon is mismatched because you bought some of it second-hand and took whatever you could get to start out; now that you’ve had success in your business, it’s time to pay attention to your aesthetic. You and your customers shouldn’t be the only beauties in your salon—keeping the interior looking sleek is an important reason why you should replace your salon furniture.

Beautify your salon at Salon Equipment Center, with luxury furniture at wholesale salon equipment prices, and your interior decorations will fit together like clockwork.